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Writing Articles: The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing

Writing Articles - The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing

Search engine content marketing will generate traffic and increase profits.

Is this for real? Yes, the only investment is time and effort, but the payoff can be enormous — boosting site hits and sales, with a return on your investment of 200% to infinity.

How? By writing articles, one of the easiest ways to draw attention to a website, generate traffic and increase earnings.

Getting into a customer’s wallet is everyone’s goal. The more visitors, the more wallets — some of them first-timers who may be back again and again, ready willing, and able – to buy that is. But you have to get into their head before you can get into their wallet.

How Search Engine Content Marketing Works

Search engine content marketing involves writing articles related to the content of your website, then sending them to “free content” submission sites (public domain).

Make sure the content marketing your website contains a link back to your website (resource box). Someone who reads the article then may choose to click on the link. Voila! An unexpected visitor arrives.

The free content sites, in turn, make these articles available to other webmasters who may also place your public domain content on their site. If they do, voila! There’s another link back to your website, because anyone who reads the article can click through to the products and/or services you offer.

Content Marketing Leads to Viral Marketing

As your list of published articles grows and more appear on other websites, the number of links increases. Major search engines place more significance on those incoming links to determine the “importance” of a site, i.e., where to rank it. The more incoming links, the higher the search engine will place your website in the search results.

Writing Articles - The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing - Social Media SharingIf your website is promoting a product or service, all the links generated by those articles will mean more potential customers, and more customer wallets. Even if the visitor only browses, who knows what they will need in the future.

Some customers may have a specific need in mind, but cannot decide among various choices online. If they like your article, they may click through to your website, become enticed by a promotion, and pass it on to their contact list. Boom! Reaching those new customers did not cost a penny.

Another Benefit to Article Marketing

Writing Articles - The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing - search engineSearch engines not only index the websites, but perform the same function for published articles. The search engines also index any content marketing a particular topic.

Once someone searches for that topic, the list of results will not only include your website but many of the articles written to promote your website. That’s a powerful force, published articles and search engines. Think about how little effort that takes.

The fact is, more people are taking their buying needs online. Articles can cover topics those shoppers want to know about, written in a light and professional manner, and include a not-so-obvious sales pitch. If the customer’s wallet is opened, that’s pure profit, because nothing was spent on marketing.

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