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How to Start a Blog That’s Technically Sound

Creating a Blog Suited for Making Money OnlineCreating a Blog Suited for Making Money Online

To make money blogging, it is important to know how to start a blog is technically sound in terms of usability, server stress, and search engine power.

One of the greatest things about blogs is not just that they allow people to actually make money blogging but mostly that they allow even the most non-technical person to publish their thoughts, essays, and studies online. While designing and developing a website is remarkably difficult for the average computer user, setting up and configuring blogging software is something that almost anyone can do. Thanks to automated installation programs and ultra-simple interfaces, updating and publishing a blog is incredibly simple.

However, there is still a problem that lots of people who want to make money blogging encounter from time to time: poor blog configuration and technical difficulties. From slow-loading pages to impractical layouts, there are problems that can haunt blogs, even if they are properly created.

This simple guide is meant to teach the essentials of how to start a blog that is technically sound when it comes to usability, server stress, and search engine power.

Blog Usability

Simplicity should be the name of the game, no matter what subject a blog deals with. Despite the continual flood of three-column, ultra-complex WordPress themes, most blog readers look for a theme that is simple, easy to read, and flexible. Those who want to make money blogging should ensure that their blogs focus on the readers — they are the people that will spend all of their time there — and not solely on their own promotional materials or third-party advertisements.

Those who are offering member services on their blogs, a popular option for commercial bloggers, should make sure that their system is integrated into their blog’s design. There is nothing worse than a clumsy navigational system, especially when it is part of a paid membership service. For text, bloggers should focus on font simplicity and clear colors. For navigational systems, bloggers should create intuitive sidebars, and drop down category menus.

blog loading times and server stressBlog Loading Times and Server Stress

Anything that’s not needed to support a blog’s content should not be published. These include unnecessary animations so often used by newbies that are so eager to make money blogging. When publishing videos, bloggers should consider having video sites like YouTube or Vimeo host them. Videos on such platforms can easily be added to any site or blog. Lastly, all images used for the blog should be properly sized.

One major problem for new bloggers is image compression and false thumbnails. Bloggers should not, under any circumstances, make the ultimate new blogger mistake and simply add a full-size image as a thumbnail. Yes, it will appear small, but the 2mb image load will bring any hosting server to its knees. Most blogging platforms have built-in image platforms and management systems and those who want to make money blogging should use them.

SEOBlog Search Engine Optimization

This is one major area that new bloggers consistently neglect. SEO is vital for blogs, and is conveniently one of the simplest things to set up and configure. Bloggers using WordPress just need to download a simple SEO plug-in and add it to their blog’s directory. From there, all they need to do is configure WordPress plug-in options using the platform’s dashboard.

It is really worth putting effort into SEO, as blogs are naturally one of the internet’s best SEO devices. If bloggers can build an archive of hundreds of posts, it is not unlikely to see their blogs beginning to rank highly for ultra-competitive terms. After installing a blog SEO plug-in, bloggers’ focus should be on readable SEO text, not computerized rubbish.

A technically sound blog is quick loading, search engine friendly, and remarkably valuable. With a quick read of any blogging platform’s documentation and a proactive effort towards learning the technical aspects of blogging, mastering the basics of internet publishing is simple.

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