PPC Web Spy Download

Note: If you got to this page after an update notification, the version below is new, so please continue with the steps below to download and install.

Below, you can download your copy of PPC Web Spy. Because PPC Web Spy is the new generation of research and analysis tools, it is not a downloadable desktop application. It is a very lite and easy to install file, that will be installed directly to your web browser.

Perform the following very simple tasks to install PPC Web Spy.


You can watch this video as I
demonstrate the steps below:


Note: PPC Web Spy was created specifically for use with the Firefox web browser, which is much more stable and faster than Internet Explorer. If you use Internet Explorer, then I highly recommend switching to Firefox for all web browsing, as it's faster and much more secure and stable.

Make sure you have Firefox. Firefox is the web browser that you will need to use with PPC Web Spy. You can download Firefox for free by clicking here. If you already have Firefox, skip this step and proceed to Step 2 below.
Download PPC Web Spy by clicking here and follow the onscreen instructions. Watch the video above if you get confused :-)
Firefox will install the PPC Web Spy plugin directly to your Firefox web browser. It will be automatically turned on every time you open Firefox.
You'll now see a tiny image in the lower right hand corner of your Firefox web browser () This will tell you that you have installed PPC Web Spy correctly. Now, just go to Google and start doing searches on various keywords. You'll see a "view keywords" button below each Adwords ad, as show below. Be sure to watch the short PPC Web Spy tutorial where I go over the various features of the program.

Start referring people to download the free version of PPC Web Spy using your unique affiliate link, and have your unique affiliate link show up in the top 2 positions on Google for whatever keywords your referrals search for if you're a Gold or Platinum user!

Watch the video below as I show you the SUPER easy steps involved in branding your unique copy of PPC Web Spy: