Writing Articles: The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing

Writing Articles - The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing

Search engine content marketing will generate traffic and increase profits.

Is this for real? Yes, the only investment is time and effort, but the payoff can be enormous — boosting site hits and sales, with a return on your investment of 200% to infinity.

How? By writing articles, one of the easiest ways to draw attention to a website, generate traffic and increase earnings.

Getting into a customer’s wallet is everyone’s goal. The more visitors, the more wallets — some of them first-timers who may be back again and again, ready willing, and able – to buy that is. But you have to get into their head before you can get into their wallet.

How Search Engine Content Marketing Works

Search engine content marketing involves writing articles related to the content of your website, then sending them to “free content” submission sites (public domain).

Make sure the content marketing your website contains a link back to your website (resource box). Someone who reads the article then may choose to click on the link. Voila! An unexpected visitor arrives.

The free content sites, in turn, make these articles available to other webmasters who may also place your public domain content on their site. If they do, voila! There’s another link back to your website, because anyone who reads the article can click through to the products and/or services you offer.

Content Marketing Leads to Viral Marketing

As your list of published articles grows and more appear on other websites, the number of links increases. Major search engines place more significance on those incoming links to determine the “importance” of a site, i.e., where to rank it. The more incoming links, the higher the search engine will place your website in the search results.

Writing Articles - The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing - Social Media SharingIf your website is promoting a product or service, all the links generated by those articles will mean more potential customers, and more customer wallets. Even if the visitor only browses, who knows what they will need in the future.

Some customers may have a specific need in mind, but cannot decide among various choices online. If they like your article, they may click through to your website, become enticed by a promotion, and pass it on to their contact list. Boom! Reaching those new customers did not cost a penny.

Another Benefit to Article Marketing

Writing Articles - The Fast, and Free, Way to Viral Marketing - search engineSearch engines not only index the websites, but perform the same function for published articles. The search engines also index any content marketing a particular topic.

Once someone searches for that topic, the list of results will not only include your website but many of the articles written to promote your website. That’s a powerful force, published articles and search engines. Think about how little effort that takes.

The fact is, more people are taking their buying needs online. Articles can cover topics those shoppers want to know about, written in a light and professional manner, and include a not-so-obvious sales pitch. If the customer’s wallet is opened, that’s pure profit, because nothing was spent on marketing.

Can PPC Drive More Traffic than Organic SEO?

Can PPC Drive More Traffic than Organic SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to a site. Actually, for many sites Google and the other search engines are the primary source of traffic. This is why it is quite natural that businesses and individuals devote a lot of time and spend a lot of money on SEO.

However, the fact that a webmaster doesn’t pay directly for organic SEO placement doesn’t mean that SEO is cheap. Link building takes a lot of time and in some niches the organic search results are so crowded that practically it is impossible for a newcomer to rank well with popular keywords. There are many hidden SEO costs and if one takes into account the amount of time he or she invests in SEO, organic SEO turns to be very expensive.

PPC Traffic Might Be Cheaper for Competitive Keywords

Can PPC Drive More Traffic than Organic SEO? - cheaper cost

The fact that a webmaster doesn’t pay for inclusion in organic SEO results doesn’t mean that organic SEO costs no money. In this aspect PPC advertising is more straightforward – a webmaster chooses some keywords, bids on them, pays and knows how much he or she has spent. PPC might be a paid form of promotion but there are many cases when it is cheaper than organic SEO.

As already mentioned, ranking well in organic search results for highly competitive keywords isn’t cheap. What is more, even if a webmaster spends tons of money, there is no guarantee that his or her site will get to the top of search results (and stay there). In this aspect it not an exception to throw a lot of money on organic SEO and get no traffic (or at least not the expected amount of it).

In such situations PPC advertising is the better option. When PPC advertising is mentioned, usually for many webmasters it is only Google Adwords. Google Adwords might be the best popular PPC network but since it is also the priciest, when a webmaster is on a budget, maybe he or she should shop for alternatives. There are other good PPC networks besides Google Adwords and if one manages to find the right keywords to bid for, a PPC campaign through one of these alternatives could be very rewarding.

PPC Advertising Gives More Control

Can PPC Drive More Traffic than Organic SEO? - increase in web trafficAnother reason why PPC advertising can not only drive more traffic to a website but drive really well targeted traffic is that PPC advertising gives a webmaster more control in comparison to organic SEO. With PPC advertising it is possible to choose the keywords to rank for. Additionally, the PPC ad text can convey a message exactly the way a webmaster wants it, while in organic SEO rankings the text to present a site is beyond the control of the the webmaster.

Because of these two advantages of PPC advertising, the traffic to a website, which comes from a PPC campaign is usually better targeted. As a a result, this traffic converts better. Still, it is necessary to track PPC conversions and organic SEO conversions in order to know which one performs better for a particular keyword.

High conversions compensate for the price paid for PPC advertising. High rates of conversion are important because when a website is monetized high conversions pay the bill. The rate of conversions is not constant and this is why it makes sense to keep an eye on it and if it is noticed that a particular keyword doesn’t convert well, no matter if the traffic for it is from organic SEO results or from a paid PPC campaign, measures are to be taken.

Both organic SEO and PPC advertising are major ways to drive traffic to a website. However, in some cases organic SEO is the better option, while in others PPC advertising brings more traffic to a website. This means that the decision whether to go with PPC ads or organic SEO is made on a case by case basis after a careful analysis of the results has been performed.

Effective Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate

Learn how to boost your e-commerce conversion rate without split testing.

Effective Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate
So you have great products and a solid number of visitors every month, but there’s one problem: all that traffic is not converting into sales and you’re stumped as to why. Well, no need to rack your brains any longer. Here are three key strategies that will help you meet your conversion goals.

Increase Conversion Rate by Improving the Look and Feel of the Site

Effective Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate - Website Look and Feel

  • Graphics. Your homepage is the first page most visitors will see and if it doesn’t grab them at the first sight, don’t expect them to stay and make a purchase. Make sure all your product photos, graphics and images look vivid, crisp and arresting. The main image and headlines should be “above the fold” so that visitors don’t have to do the extra work of scrolling down.
  • Headlines. People respond well to words that have an emotional appeal or a phrase they can relate to. Use adjectives, verbs and phrases that sell a lifestyle. Get ideas from magazine cover lines, which are known for being short, sweet and concise. Words like “best,” “top,” “must-have” and “free” grab visitors, as well as customer testimonials.
  • Security and Credibility. Online shoppers will be more prone to buy if they feel the site is secure and certified with a validation button, which can increase conversion rate up to 15 percent. Mcafeesecure.com, Verisign.com and BBB.org are widely used by many accredited e-commerce sites.

Increase Conversion Rate by Improving Navigation

Remember to K.I.S.S.—keep it short and simple. What may seem easy and clear to you may not be clear to visitors. Make sure the navigation isn’t roundabout or confusing but easy and straightforward from step one to checkout and payment. Remember to cross-sell your products as a way to introduce an item they wouldn’t otherwise look for and buy.

Increase Conversion Rate by Using Analytics Data

Effective Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate - Analytics DataConstantly check and analyze your site’s analytics data to see what links and products are the most popular. Create a separate page for those popular items and market them on the front page.

Make sure to check where the bulk of your traffic is coming from. The issue of conversion rates being low can also be attributed to faulty targeting. For instance, your website might rank high for a keyword phrase that is unrelated to your site, which means visitors would just land on your page and instantly leave. If this is the issue, consider hiring an SEO specialist.

After implementing the above conversion marketing tactics, work on attaining loyal customers with appealing packaging and discount coupons with the order. And in no time, you’ll be on your way to a successful online store.

How to Turn Affiliate Marketing into a Cash Machine

How to Turn Affiliate Marketing into a Cash Machine - Affiliate ProgramsThe Internet is an amazing vehicle for turning ideas into money, and this is the time to look to cyberspace to find your own personal cash machine. Affiliate marketing is just such a deal. Not only is it an easy way to make money from your own website, it is also a relatively lazy way to earn income.

Who Benefits From Affiliate Marketing?

Both sides benefit from this affiliation. The company that uses affiliate marketers gets expanded advertising for their company or product at no real expense other than a small commission that is only paid upon receipt of orders. On top of those additional sales, exposure for their company or product on the Internet is greatly increased with no additional cost or effort.

How to Turn Affiliate Marketing into a Cash Machine - Who BenefitsOn the flip side, the affiliate marketer can advertise a huge amount of products and earn commission without any real work. They do not have to bother with storage, shipping or handling of products. They generate sales for the company and receive commissions, just like any other commissioned salesperson but with little to no effort. Risk for the affiliate marketer is minimal. If an ad does not generate a sale, it is the only risk to either party in this joint venture.

How is Affiliate Marketing Achieved?

Implementing affiliate marketing is simple. Just place text or banner ads on your website and all the work is done by someone else. You offer exposure to your audience, and when sales result, you get paid. At the same time, classy ads can add prestige to your webpage look, and commissions can be generated day or night, 24/7.

Are There Drawbacks?

One drawback might be if the affiliate’s website audience does not act on the advertising to click through to the advertiser’s website and make a purchase. Targeting and niche marketing can help offset this risk as a targeted audience is more likely to act upon ads of interest to their group. Drawbacks for the advertiser include some lack of control over ad placement and affiliate website content. Termination of the agreement is always an option on both sides.

How to Join Affiliate Programs?

To join affiliate programs, there are several websites that are available to use as clearing houses. Sign-up is free, and they handle the commission tracking and payments for the companies. Some individual companies may also offer their own programs to website owners wishing to become affiliates and run ads for their products. The clearing houses are easy to use and include: Commission Junction and Webgains, among others.

What Happens After I Join Affiliate Marketing?

How to Turn Affiliate Marketing into a Cash Machine - MarketersAs soon as you are accepted, which should be immediately, you can sign up to be an affiliate marketer or publisher for advertisers of your choice. Each one will need to look at your website and make an approval prior to using their ads and receiving payments. With a clearing house situation, there are paperwork benefits like only giving out your tax information one time. You receive payment any time your commissions are above a certain required level, such as $10.

What is the Hard Part?

Perhaps the most difficult thing about becoming a paid affiliate is generating the traffic on your website that will be likely to purchase any affiliate products you are advertising. If you cram your website full of banner ads, people like to call that a “banner farm” and it does not work as well as a niche plan. Without the right audience, ads will go unnoticed and sales will not be made.

What Do Affiliate Companies Want from Affiliate Marketers?

For advertisers, finding the right affiliates with websites that will draw your target audience is important. It does not make sense to allow your ads to be placed on irrelevant websites. For example, ads for baby clothes would not work well on a website featuring cigars or guns. Advertisers can still control placement of their ads, and they can terminate non-productive affiliates. This type of advertising can give you vastly improved reach for your ads around the world, at minimal commission costs.

Affiliate marketing can be turned into a cash machine for everyone if done correctly. Marketers need to gain the right viewership while advertisers must have great offers and nicely designed ads. This opportunity for sales and profit can be amazing for both parties to the deal.